California Lights
Tour the beautiful lighthouses of California with the help of William A. Britten.
Source: Lighthouse Getaway by William A. Britten

Ghost Towns of California
Discover all of California historic ghost towns.
Source:Ghost Towns

California Underground
California caves and subterranean habitats lets you explore the many kinds of caves found in California. Try out the Junior Speleologist interactives. Encounter bats and other cave creatures.
Source: Oakland Museum of California

1947 California License Plate

This fun site shows what the California license plates looked like in 1947. It also has a photo of a 1947 Plymouth.
Source: InfoSearch, Inc.

Butterflies of California
The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center knows all about the butterflies in your state.
Source: USGS – Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

California Encycloweedia

Find out which plants that are growing in the wilds of California are considered pests by the State of California.
Source: California Department of Food and Agriculture

Find more information on California trivia with help from Google.


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