The Truth About Geronimo

Britton Davis’s account of the controversial “Geronimo Campaign” of 1885-86 offers an important firsthand picture of the famous Chiricahua warrior and the men who finally forced his surrender. David knew most of the people involved in the campaign and was himself in charge of Indian scouts, some of whom helped hunt down the small band of fugitives. Click on this link to buy the book at

Arizona’s Famous People
e-ReferenceDesk has created a great archive of famous people form each state. Click on the underlined names for more information about that person.
Source: e-ReferenceDesk

Famous Arizonians

Cochise, Geronimo, Mangas Coloradas

This site has great information on these three famous members of the Chiricahua Apaches.
Source: DesertUSA

Barabra Eden

Star of I Dream of Jeannie and Arizona native
Source: Stars of Hollywood

Katie Lee

Folk singer and Arizona native

Robert McCall

Space artist and Arizona resident
Source: CNN

Also visit: McCall Studios

Sandra Day O’Conner

First woman appointed to the US Supreme Court and Arizona resident
Source: Supreme Court Historical Society

Linda Ronstadt

Singer, songwriter, and Arizona native
Source: Elektra Records

Kerri Strug
Olympic gold medal gymnast and Arizona resident
Source: Kerri

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